iStat Pro 4.7

iSlayerからiStat Pro 4.7が出ていました。マシンの状態を表示するウィジェット。フリーウェア。

iStat pro 4.7 new features
– Much, much nicer animated section dragging.
– Improved support for vpn connections.
– Improved network connection ordering.
– Fixed bug that could cause widget to crash in network code.
– Fixed bugs with multi terabyte disk support.
– Improved battery monitoring on PPC systems.
– Fixed filter checkboxes with 10.5.4.
– Improved disk and process icon caching.
– Improved support for 8 core mac pros.
– PPP Connections will now be hidden by default. You can enable them if you wish in the filtering tab on the back.
– Fixed bug where sidebar labels could become stuck after changing skins.
– Various other UI and code bugfixes.



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