Default Folder X 4.1

Default Folder X 4.1が出ていました。開く・保存ダイアログ機能拡張。Mac OS X 10.4以上。シェアウェア($34.95)。

What’s new in Default Folder X 4.1

– Default Folder X’s toolbar appears almost instantaneously next to Open and Save dialogs, eliminating the lag that used to occur.
– The preview window now allows you to play audio files.
– Open Office 3 is now fully supported.
– Occasional windowing problems that occurred with Spaces in Mac OS 10.5 have been corrected.
– The contents of disks which use the FAT32 format are correctly sorted in Default Folder X’s hierarchical menus.
– Temporary folders used by some printers are no longer included in the list of recently used folders.



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