Cyberduck 3.1.2

Cyberduck 3.1.2が出ていました。FTP/SFTPクライアント。フリーウェア(ドネーション)。

3.1.2 Feb-01-2009

[Feature] Enforce hostname verification (SSL)
[Feature] Improved container listing performance (Mosso)
[Feature] Updated bookmark icons (by Robert Curtis)
[Bugfix] Fix Amazon CloudFront distribution configuration
[Bugfix] Accept valid certificates without prompt if no explicit trust is given (SSL)
[Bugfix] Files not downloaded recursively (S3)
[Bugfix] Create and expand archives with space in filename [#2884]
[Bugfix] Incorrect CDN URI for public containers (Mosso) [#2875]
[Bugfix] Observe bandwidth setting for uploads (Mosso/WebDAV)



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