The Unarchiver 2.3

The Unarchiver 2.3が出ていました。解凍ソフト。 Zip、Tar-GZip、Tar-BZip2、Rar、7-zip、LhA、StuffItのフォーマットに対応。フリーウェア。

New in 2.3:

  • Updated French localization by Ronald Leroux.
  • Can now join simple split files (those named .001, .002 and so on).
  • Supports MSI files. The same format is actually used for many Microsoft file types, so you can now also extract the internals of DOC or PPT files, among others. If you have some reason to.
  • Much better support for DiskDoubler. Added two missing compression methods.
  • Fixed CAB support, which was broken. Should now support all CAB files, including multi-part.
  • Amiga LZX should work better.
  • Supports more naming schemes for multi-part RAR files.
  • Some other bugfixes.


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