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Basecamp License Agreement

All other intellectual property rights related to content, software and technology contained on websites or used to operate websites, including, but not limited to, patents, trade secrets, commercial representations, advertising rights, character rights, titles and artistic and moral rights are the property or property licensed by Base Fitnesscamp. Any use of these rights without the prior written permission of Basecamp Fitness is strictly prohibited. As a result, the information you study in the base camp should be treated as confidential with Ascend Learning and not transmitted without the consent of the author or shipping department. We offer application program interfaces (“API”s) for some of our services (currently Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire and Backpack). Any use of the API, including through a third-party product that accesses the Services, is subject to the terms of this agreement as well as the following specific conditions: INFORMATION POSTED ON BASECAMP From time to time, Ascend offers articles, news and forums only for information purposes. Ascend can also use its resources in the areas of fitness and wellness, technology and software, cybersecurity and other areas in which Ascend provides content for the presentation of information on Basecamp. Before receiving fitness, wellness or health information at the base camp or participating in a fitness, wellness or health forum offered on Basecamp, consult a doctor. Ascend and the content contributors to the basecamp have made reasonable efforts to provide accurate information. However, neither Ascend nor contributors are responsible or responsible for damages or damages resulting from errors or omissions or injuries or results related to the use of the content of these articles, stories or forums. When providing information to Basecamp, it is important to understand that neither Ascend nor any contributor is engaged in providing legal, accounting or professional services, and if such specialized assistance is required, it is recommended separately to call on the services of a competent professional on the merits. Some third parties have created integrations between our services and their services.

You`ll find some of these integrations for Basecamp on basecamp.com/extras and For Highrise at highrisehq.com/extras/. We are not responsible or are responsible for these third-party integrations. You cannot copy, view, distribute, edit, publish, edit, reproduce, store, transfer, “recreate,” create or sell or concede derivative works without the prior written permission of Ascend Learning. The opinions, information and recommendations contained in community comments, articles, columns or other posts on Basecamp are not necessarily those of Ascend or its related companies. Ascend and its related companies are not responsible for the erroneous information provided on Basecamp and are not liable for the debts arising from the opinions expressed on Basecamp. Readers are encouraged to consult an independent professional before using or relying on health, legal or employment materials. Basecamp and its contents are provided without any guarantee, explicit or implied, without any guarantee, and Ascend, its affiliates and all contributors refuse any liability, loss or damage caused by the content.