BusyCal 1.3

BusyCal 1.3が出ていました。iCal互換カレンダー。シェアウェア($49)。

BusyCal 1.3 Release Notes (May 26, 2010)

  • Localization — Localized into French, German, Italian and Dutch. Other languages are in the works.
  • Week Numbers — Option to display week numbers in the calendar and mini months.
  • Birthdays calendar — BusyCal now has its own Birthdays calendar that syncs directly with Address Book. And you can optionally display a person’s age in the event title (e.g. Fred’s 10th Birthday).
  • Address Book integration — You can drag People and Groups from Address Book (or the new Address Panel) into the calendar to create a meeting, or drag them into the To Do List to create a To Do that is linked back to that contact in Address Book.
  • Drag & Drop improvements — You can drag To Dos into the calendar to transform them into Events or drag Events from the calendar into the To Do List to transform them into To Dos. And the week view now supports drag & drop to and from the timeline to convert all-day events to timed-events, and vice versa.
  • Apple Help — Help files are now available from the help menu.
  • Graphics attached to banners will display in the calendar.
  • Completed to dos will not be shown in the List view if the “Show Completed To Dos in Calendar” preference is off.
  • Don’t push deletes to Exchange read-only calendars
  • Backup new calendars
  • Restore from Backup bug fixes.
  • Fixed crash when sending a meeting update.
  • Fixed hang when backing up a large attachment.
  • Improved compatibility with Entourage .ics files.
  • Fixed date formatting problems in Asian and Hebrew languages.
  • iCal syncing bug fixes.
  • WebDAV syncing bug fixes.
  • LAN syncing bug fixes.
  • Various other bug fixes.



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