MPlayer OS X Extended rev. 14

MPlayer OS X Exteded rev. 14が出ていました。ビデオプレイヤー。フリーウェア。

Revision 14 (9. January 2011):

  • Major Changes:
    • Redesigned fullscreen controls by Steven La. Thanks!
    • Add audio output device selection to preferences.
    • New no-distraction fullscreen option (blocks menu, dock, task switcher, growl, etc).
  • Improvements:
    • Improve visibility of scrub bar badge.
    • Add option to enable equalizers by default and save defaults for the video equalizer.
    • Add tab-key to cycle timestamp display modes (shows controls first in fullscreen).
    • Remember timestamp display mode (separately for player/playlist).
    • Improved Spaces compatibility.
  • Fixes:
    • Fix MPE not opening any new files if all player windows have been closed.
    • Fix Fontconfig having to always rebuild its caches when using 32bit and 64bit clients.
    • Fix on top while playing when a movie is starting.
    • Fix MPE not launching when the screenshot save location doesn’t exist.
    • Fix a bug that would toggle out of fullscreen when playing from the playlist.
    • Fix issues with files that contain problematic metadata.
    • Fix menu key binding interfering with text input.
  • New MPlayer and MPlayer-MT build from 7. January 2011 (r32769).
  • Fix loosing audio when plugging/unplugging headphones.

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