OnyX 1.6.6

OnyX 1.6.6が出ていました。システムメンテナンスツール。Mac OS X 10.4.2以上。フリーウェア。

ニュース (OnyX 1.6.6)
– Delete the recent items of QuickTime run correctly now.
– Bug of the Restart dialog corrected (OnyX menu is OK when click on Cancel).
– More temporary files deleted while cleaning (Thanks Blackjmac!).
– More Caches deleted (Cleaning and Automation panels).
– You can choose to remove the Software Update log (Cleaning panel).
– Help button in each panel.
– Error managment improved.
– Display the Software Update.log (Logs panel).
– Deleting the recent searches of Web browsers and the FullCircle folder (Cleaning panel).
– Help updated and improved.
– Choice between current account or all accounts (Cleaning and Automate panels).
– Enabling the Dashboard’s Developer Mode.
– Window Log OnyX modified.
– New icon.
– Bug corrected while creation/modification of maintenance logs (.out files).
– Misc bugs corrected.



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