G-Force 3.5

G-Force 3.5が出ていました。iTunes用ビジュアルプラグイン。なぜかインストール中にClassicが起動する?Free Trial版 / シェアウェア版。

3.5 – 03 April 2006

– On supporting hardware, G-Force now uses OpenGL, significantly enhancing performance.
– The G-Force Toolbar and G-Force V-Bar for Mac OS X are now shipping!
– Improved audio input compatibility for various Windows sound drivers.
– Great new look for track text and album cover art overlays.
– Added universal binary support for Mac OS X.
– Added support for the Windows Google Sidebar.
– Improved frame rate regulation.
– FlowField playlist traversal bug fixes.
– HTML documentation edits and additions.
– Three incredible new FlowFields from Roger Bigod!
– Fixed Windows issue where pref files were being saved in “All Users” instead of the current user folder.
– Changes to StartImageOverlay() and StartTextOverlay() — see “Script Command Reference.txt” for details.
– The open/close state of advanced pref drawer in the G-Force Toolbar for Windows now persists.
– Stability enhancements when using WMP and J. River Media Center.
– Fixed keyboard focus issue in J. River Media Center.
– Fixed wyvill(x).



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