RipIt 1.5.5

RipIt 1.5.5 が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。

Version 1.5.5
Released 2/25/10

  • Fixed compress target for Xbox360.
  • Added compress targets for iPhone 4 and Apple TV 2.
  • Updated compress target for iPad.
  • Updated transcoder version of handbrakecli compression tool.

RipIt 1.3

RipIt 1.3 が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。


RipIt 1.2.11

RipIt 1.2.11が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。

New in 1.2.11:
Fixed an occasional problem that caused a crash.
Fixed an incompatibility with Handbrake that caused “PS demux” errors.

RipIt 1.2.10

RipIt 1.2.10が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。

New in 1.2.10:
Fixed a crash problem introduced with 10.5.7 (NSOperationQueue).

RipIt 1.2.8

RipIt 1.2.8が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。

New in 1.2.8:

Fixed problems in generated cell address tables.
Fixed problems that (very rarely) caused blocks to be written out without first removing encryption.
Fixed problems ripping:
00025192025020 – Out of Africa

RipIt 1.2.7

RipIt 1.2.7が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。

New in 1.2.7:

Fixed problems related to 10.5.7.

RipIt 1.2.5

RipIt 1.2.5が出ていました。DVDリッピングソフト。シェアウェア($18.99)。

New in 1.2.5:

Added 64-bit support for Leopard (and Snow Leopard!)
Fixed memory leaks that could cause long-lived instances of RipIt to crash.
Fixed a bug in the rip engine that greatly reduces the memory required to rip certain discs.
Fixed minor problems with some Lionsgate titles and Handbrake.
Fixed problems ripping:
0004339614834 – The Da Vinci Code (R1)
5050582408959 – Der Clou, Oscar Edition (R2)
5050582526301 – The Bourne Ultimatum (R2)
6867441011392 – Grand Designs, Season 3 (R2)
8717418193706 – WALL*E (R2)
9398515177036 – Pirates of the Caribbean (R2/R4)
9780780658356 – Hairspray (R4)
…and many more similarly encoded discs.